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Project: Shanghai Dance Center Competition
Location: Hongqiao District, Shanghai
Year: 2011
Type: Cultural
Size: 80,000SM
Services: Architecture
Credits: RMJM, Shanghai Team: Bob Nation, Jose Oliver, Ke Yuan
Description: This was an invited competition for a performance arts center in Shanghai. The ambition of the project was to combine two existing dance company, a dance school, a grand and a black box theatre, auxiliary workshops, visiting artist studios, dormitories, and half a dozen of heritage residences, into an integrated cultural platform that could put Shanghai on the world map for performing arts.

The competition scheme offers a symbolic and physical bridge, connecting the city to the park, and the academy to the dance companies, as well as a gateway for the public to the world of performing arts.

As the design lead on the job, I worked in close collaboration with Bob Nation for the massing strategy, Agency Ouvray on landscape design, and Atchain for visualization.