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Project: Irving Convention Center,
Location: Irving, Texas, US
Year: 2007 - 2009
Type: Commercial
Size: 27,500SM
Services: Architecture
Credits: Hillier, Core Team also included: Barbara Hillier, Eric Jaffe, Michale Jaegar, Sara Segal (int.lead), Sal Tomesalo, Ken Coupe (tech.lead), Bradley Walters and others
Description:The Irving convention center is a 27,500sm, LEED certified convention center featuring a 1,900sm elevated ballroom on top of a convention floor, stacked above a 4,600sm exhibition hall. The building’s unique appearance along the prominent intersection between the John W. Carpenter Freeway, and the W Northwest Highway has helped create a distinct identity for the Las Colinas development, making the project an instant landmark for the city of Irving.

Designed to be experienced as a landscape sculpture, the building connects the public and the convention spaces through its landscape terrace steps, whereby casual encounters, fresh air and views of the horizon makes for a much-welcomed interruption. The design received an AIA merit awards in the un-built category in 2008.  
Best Government/Public Project of 2011, ENR Texas-Louisiana Best of 2011    
Photo Credit: Zahner