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Project: Grand Salalah Resort
Location: Oman, UAE
Year: 2007
Type: Hospitality (competition)
Size: 250 Bed Boutique Resort Hotel
Service: Feasibility Studies, Concept Design, Masterplan
Credits: Newwork, NJ, in collaboration with Michael Saltzman, Christopher Kirwan
Description: Plot: In search of a new freedom away from the predictable, Guests are invited to experience the spontaneity of the Nomad, in the style of Kings.
The entire resort grounds covered in a continuous surface of weather-treated wood; soft of the feet, and merging seamlessly into the dunes. When you tire or thirst, all you have to do is sit down and pillows, tents and resfreshments will arrive.

As the lead designer, I am specifically responsible for the generation of the plot, as well as the design of the 3 prototype units that make up the 250 bed hotel, the adjacent Souk, and the design direction for the landscape.