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Project: Winery NY89
Location: Roue 89, Ithaca, NY
Year: 2003
Type: Concept Design
Service: Architecture
Credit: Cornell University
Description: This project consist of two buildings, a wine production facility & a wine tasteing center. The architectural tectonics of the pair is counterpost against one another to set up a dialgoue that is about the journey between realms; the rational vs experiental. The wine production facility is a function of its parts. It has orthogonal lines, is set parallel to the contours, and partially buried for passive heat gain. The wine tasteing center on the other hand focuses on the individual experience. The linear wine bar gallery peels away from the production center, replacing the view of the assembly with that of the distant horizon. One looses the sense of boundary, as end walls disappear around the bend, leaving only the guest with his / her glass of wine, and a view of the distanct vistas. Venture further and the building elements begin to open up. The ceiling rises, the facade slips further away and the ground plane eventually merges with the bar counter becoming a cantilevered terrace that underlines the distant sun set. On the return the concentric curve gathers the gaze towards the center, where the lecture hall and purchase center resides.